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I'am a freelance creative entrepreneur with experience in various industries. 

A smart bridge builder between strategy and creativity.



Cartoonfestival 2021
Iedereen kampioen

3, 2, 1... GO!With the Olympic Games and the World Cup cycling, the summer of 2021 was the summer of sports.  The festival capitalized on these current events.  

Cartoonfestival 2021

He came, he saw and he took over! Knokke-Heist officially became Lectrrland during the Cartoon Festival. With its own flag, submarine, bank and money and one strong leader: LECTRR!

Cartoonfestival 2019

Njam Njam... You are what you eat. With knife, fork and pencil, the cartoonists fillet our food culture. This edition was visited by over 100,000 visitors.

Uz Leuven / CME

I was asked by UZ Leuven and the centre for human genetics to create an exhibition about the hospital of the future. This was done to mark the 500th anniversary of the book Utopia by Thomas Moore. As the exhibition was to be held in the spacious foyer of the UZ Leuven, it had to be open and comprehensible for a large and varied range of visitors.

Visser & mijnen
For Freedom Museum

Can you quickly make an exhibition for us asked the directors, Feddy and Danny Jones, of the For Freedom museum In Knokke-Heist. The trial is being broadcast for "The Case of Kamal" on EEN. We have two months of time and some doodles. Can you do anything with this? 

That was the start of a race against the clock with a wonderful result. I created a new and audience-friendly concept, did the scenography and communication and followed up the entire project. Mission accomplished and extended due to success.